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According to InvestingHaven, which market will present the greatest opportunity in 2024

One of our forecasts is that 2024 will qualify as the 2nd best year to enter crypto positions. The best year was 2023, in fact it was 2 and 3 months ago, when we were shouting from the rooftops to buy top cryptocurrencies. While it is too late to initiate new positions now, as prices will come down, we are on record with a market call that ‘buy the dip’ in crypto might be the best investing opportunity of 2024, across all markets and asset classes, as crypto will move to a top in the period 2025-2026.

We do acknowledge that many investors prefer to stay away from cryptocurrencies. The reasons that come up, to avoid invest in digital assets like crypto, include ‘too risky’ and ‘too manipulated’ and ‘no intrinsic value’ and ‘only for criminals’ and ‘a solution in search of a problem’.

While we do respect anyone’s opinion, we certainly don’t agree with most.

Our duty is to spot the opportunities and threats, irrespective of the market and opinions/preferences. Everyone may have his/her preference, we spot where the big money will be made.

We certainly are not biased, and we are no perma-bulls nor perma-bears. As it relates to crypto investing, while we like cryptocurrencies we are no crypto perma-bulls. We just see the massive opportunity for 2024, 2025 and 2026. In fact, we saw the big opportunity in 2023, we have spotted it and published many articles in the public domain which all, one by one, were not only highly accurate but also THE most profitable trades and opportunities of the year. Case in point:

3 Top Cryptocurrencies For November 2023 – all 3 cryptocurrencies doubled since then!

The Most Bullish Cryptocurrency Chart Setup Of October 2023 – this crypto token almost doubled since then!

Top 5 Cryptocurrencies To Buy In 2023 For The Long Term – most of these 5 tokens, tipped in August, doubled since then!

The market opportunity of 2024 and also of this decade

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Let’s be very clear, if the above mentioned tokens tips which we even shared in the public space (without mentioning the symbol though, the symbols have been communicated to premium members) were impressive, then our point is this: “you ain’t seen nothing yet.”

Yes, this the team @ InvestingHaven writing this, editors of the first crypto investing research service in the world, since early 2017.

The biggest profits, in dollar terms, in the next 3 years will be realized with cryptocurrencies. The best moment to enter was last summer, the second best moment to enter will be the ‘dip of 2024.’

Recently, we made a statement that crypto is the most epic investment opportunity of this decade:

The crypto market is offering amazing entry opportunities currently. Arguably the best crypto investment opportunity of this decade is here.

When it comes to crypto investing opportunities, we shared a few relevant insights in recent writings, let’s recap them.

How high can Bitcoin rise in 2024?

Our base forecast for Bitcoin in 2024 is $45,600 with a bullish forecast being $66,000. We expect Bitcoin to move to all-time highs in 2025.

Will Bitcoin go to $100,000 in 2024, 2025 or 2026?

Bitcoin has the ability to rise beyond $100,000 in 2025 or 2026 after the ongoing multi-year W-reversal structure will be complete.

The long term BTC chart, with the 7-year rising represented in green, is an absolute beauty. However, it is hitting resistance now. Too late to enter, the right time to enter was a few months ago, when nobody believed crypto would ever perform well again.

Top market opportunities for 2024 look like this

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One big problem we have identified in working with investors all over the globe in recent years is IMPATIENCE. Indeed, if a market or stock or cryptocurrency is not rising NOW, it’s not good. At least, that’s the line of thinking, not our way of thinking to be clear.

Back in August, we wrote Top 5 Cryptocurrencies To Buy In 2023 For The Long Term. We tipped 5 tokens based on their chart setup (leaving away the symbol to ensure that readers focus on what matters which is the message of the chart).

One of them was Fantom, we added this comment with the chart:

The next token is among our top favorites from a utility potential perspective, it certainly has a gorgeous setup. All the points we made above, also apply to the next token, provided it respects its 2022 lows.

This is the chart published on Aug 13th, 2023:

This is the Fantom chart, today. As seen, price has doubled.

It is too late to enter Fantom now. While price will go up, eventually, investors are not hitting an ideal entry now, the ideal entry was 4 months ago.

Why do most investors avoid the chart setup shown in August? Because there is no momentum!

Why do we love the chart setup from August? Because we see momentum coming, and we can buy when the market is quiet, hit a great entry, let the market do the work for us (as opposed to us working and sweating in a momentum driven market).

Here is another illustration, from the same article:

This next one, among our top picks for the long term, is trendless in a W-reversal pattern. Even if it drops another 30% it will be long term super bullish.

This is the chart published on Aug 13th, 2023:

The token was TheGraph, and below is what its chart looks like today:

Again, price doubled since then, too late to enter now, our members start exiting their principal to keep ‘free tokens’ for the long run.

What to expect from this top 2024 opportunity?

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It is very simple – the top opportunity of 2024 will be positioning.

Investors will have a chance to position themselves in a few top tokens, with chart setups shown above (the ones from August 2023), pointing at multi-bagger potential.

Those tokens might explode in price in 2024, or in 2025, but not later than 2026.

In the end, what matters most is massive upside potential, not when exactly you will see the returns, provided it happens in a period of some 3 years (which is a waiting reasonable period).

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