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If you’ve noticed your pup shivering on cold days, it might be time to invest in a winter coat for them. The best dog winter coats offer protection against wind, rain and cold, and as an added bonus, your pup will look adorable bundled up in their snazzy cold-weather gear.

Not sure if your dog actually needs a winter jacket? Experts say certain types of dogs are more likely to need extra protection in cold weather. “For some pups, such as shorthaired breeds, senior dogs and small and low-bodied dogs, the extra layer can provide protection from the cold that their bodies aren’t necessarily equipped to handle on their own,” says Dr. Jennifer Bruns, doctor of veterinary medicine, master of preventive veterinary medicine and senior director of vet relations at PetSmart. “Pet parents should watch for signs of cold, such as shivering, picking their paws off the ground and hunching their backs, no matter their size or breed.”

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Dog coats don’t just offer protection against the cold either. They can also be used to keep your dog dry in rainy weather, provide visibility at night or during hunting season or — in the case of my own two dogs — stop them from getting covered in dirt while they’re playing outside.

When selecting a winter coat for your dog, fit is one of the most important considerations. You’ll want to find a coat that doesn’t restrict their movement, giving them plenty of space to walk, run and go to the bathroom comfortably. Speaking from experience, I highly recommend actually measuring your pet to compare against the brand’s size chart instead of relying on their “breed recommendations,” as no two dogs are the same size.

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Other things to consider include the level of insulation and coverage provided by the jacket. “Consider options that are both water- and wind-resistant to keep pups comfortable in snow and ice, as well as on windy days,” recommends Dr. Bruns. “Other features that are nice to have include an optional hood for extra chilly days, reflective fabric for visibility and quick access to your pup’s underlying collar or harness.”

It’s a lot to think about, so to make shopping a bit easier, we’ve rounded up a variety of our favorite dog winter coats, based on expert recommendations and my own personal testing. We’ve included heavy-duty dog coats for winter hiking, stylish picks for four-legged fashionistas and everything in between, so you’re sure to find an option that works for your pet.

Ruffwear Vert Dog Jacket

Of all the dog winter coats I’ve tested, the Vert is hands-down my favorite. It checks all the boxes of what a great winter jacket should be: It’s lightweight yet warm and insulated, and it stays in place without restricting your dog’s movement, thanks to its stretchy leg loops. It clips into place around your dog’s torso, and the clips are actually hidden in little pockets to prevent any snagging during your adventures. The rip-resistant nylon outer shell is both windproof and waterproof, and there’s a leash portal on the back in case you need to put the coat over your dog’s harness. The Vert comes in six sizes, and my two 60-pound golden retrievers fit perfectly in a size large. I only wish it came in more color options: Right now, you’re limited to either orange or blue. 

Hurtta Expedition Dog Parka

For serious warmth during the winter, the Expedition Parka is highly insulated (the brand recommends it for use in temperatures between 30 and -15 degrees Fahrenheit). It also comes recommended by Jennifer Malawey, a dog trainer at , who likes that it’s lightweight yet warm and provides coverage on the neck.

This was another coat that I tested with my dogs, and I love that it provides full coverage from neck to tail while still giving them plenty of space to move. There are also elastics that allow you to adjust the neckline, length of the back and the collar circumference of the jacket for a perfect fit. One of the biggest things I was impressed by was the brand’s size range. There are 16 different sizes, including special options for long-backed, short-legged breeds like dachshunds. Based on my dog’s measurements, I selected a size 65, but it ended up being too large. This size actually fits well on my parents’ 95-pound German shepherd, so I’d recommend double-checking your dog’s measurements and sizing down if your pup is between sizes.

Carhartt Dog Chore Coat

My dogs and I walk in the woods on a daily basis, and during hunting season, I make sure they’re wearing their Carhartt Chore Coats, which come in a bright Hunter Orange color. These coats are lightweight and don’t provide much coverage to your dog’s stomach, but they stay in place well, thanks to their thick Velcro straps. The Chore Coat is made from the same material as Carhartt jackets, so it can stand up to your dog’s craziest antics. (My dogs regularly crash through the brush and wrestle while wearing them, and we’ve never had any problem with the coat falling off or ripping.) The only downsides are that the size range is a bit limited and the jackets don’t have a leash portal.

Little Beast Super Duper Reversible Dog Parka

For smaller dogs, the Super Duper Parka is a cute reversible coat. It’s made from thick nylon fabric and has very lofty filling to keep your pup warm. It also comes in five bright color options, all of which reverse to a second hue. I like that it provides full coverage of your dog’s chest and stomach, securing with a line of Velcro and a snap button, and there’s an elastic toggle on the back to make sure it fits properly. However, even the largest size (XXL) was a hair too small for my dogs, who both weigh around 60 pounds, so this parka is definitely best-suited for small and medium-size breeds. 

Frisco Puffer Dog and Cat Vest

If you’re looking for a light-duty jacket that doesn’t cost too much, the Frisco Puffer Vest has a sweet plaid design that comes in three colors. This coat is very lightweight with a water-resistant exterior shell, and the inside is lined with a soft fleece that will provide some warmth for your pet. When we tested this jacket, the XXL fit perfectly on my dogs, but it did tend to slip to the side if they ran around a lot. For that reason, I think it’s best for more structured walks, especially since there’s a leash hole at the base of the collar for you to connect to your dog’s collar or harness. 

Ruffwear Powder Hound Jacket

If you and your dog like to go adventuring outdoors in the winter, the Powder Hound Jacket is designed with activity in mind. It’s made from a lofty material that helps retain their core heat and has long, form-fitting sleeves for their front legs, but the material is stretchy enough that it won’t restrict their movement as they bound through the snow. 

Canada Pooch Snow Suit

Certain dog breeds, such as greyhounds, need full-coverage coats like the Canada Pooch Snow Suit. “When it comes to winter dog coats, I love the Canada Pooch products, especially when it comes to keeping pups warm,” says Nicole Ellis, a certified professional dog trainer. “The slush and snow suits are great for keeping the elements and wet weather off of your dog’s fur.” This popular jacket provides full-body coverage for your dog, protecting their neck, chest, upper stomach and all four legs. (Don’t worry, though — there’s still plenty of space for your dog to do their business without getting the suit dirty.) The Snow Suit comes in 13 different sizes and has a side zipper that makes it easier to put on, and its thermal foil lining will help keep your dog warm on even the coldest days.  

Ruffwear Quinzee Dog Jacket

The Quinzee is a stylish puffy vest to keep your dog comfortable in cold weather. It’s filled with recycled polyester for insulation, and it has a water-resistant exterior to fend off flurries. Plus, its integrated stuff sack makes it easy to pack along on camping adventures or other trips. 

L.L.Bean Reversible Dog Field Coat

The Field Coat is another reversible design that provides two stylish looks for your dog. One side is a durable canvas, while the reverse is a soft plaid flannel. It’s a light-duty coat with a similar design to the Carhartt Chore Coat, securing around your dog’s neck and stomach with Velcro straps. The Field Coat does have an opening near the collar for your leash, but it only comes in four sizes so there’s a chance you won’t be able to get a perfect fit for your pup.  

Maxbone Sub-Zero Dog Puffer Vest

If you want to cover your dog’s head on cold days, the Sub-Zero Puffer Vest has a detachable hood to protect their ears. This fashion-forward puffer jacket comes in three trendy colors, and it has a row of snap buttons on the underside and a cinched waist elastic to keep it in place. The shell is water-resistant to keep your dog dry in rainy weather, and the vest has a small slit on the back where you can thread your leash. 

The Foggy Dog Reversible Dog Jacket

The Foggy Dog is known for its stylish dog accessories, and your dog will definitely look cute in the brand’s reversible jacket. It comes in a green plaid or flowery pink-and-blue motif, and the jacket reverses to a plain color. The lightweight material is water-resistant and has a leash hole on the back, and its collar can be flipped up or folded back, depending on the look you’re going for. However, keep in mind that the jacket zips closed under your dog’s chest, so it may not be the best option for long hair, which could get caught in the zipper.  

Arcadia Trail Insulated Dog Snowsuit

This snowsuit is another full-coverage option for your dog in the winter. The insulated design is made from a water-repelling material, and it has sleeves for all four of your dog’s legs. It also comes with a removable hood that’s lined with faux fur. However, the snowsuit is only available in white, which may not be the most practical option if your dog tends to get dirty when playing outdoors. 

PetRageous Designs Kodiak Insulated Dog Coat

The Kodiak Coat is another plaid design that provides a good amount of coverage. The heavy coat is both windproof and waterproof, thanks to its nylon shell, and it has a full-coverage chest piece that straps around your dog’s back to keep the jacket in place as they play. It also has elastic straps for their back legs and a small collar to cover part of your dog’s neck. The Kodiak comes in red or teal plaid colors, but if you want a simpler look, the brand’s Juneau Coat is the same design in solid hues. 

Barbour Wool Touch Dog Coat

Your dog will look quite sophisticated in this coat from Barbour. The outside of the jacket features the brand’s signature tartan design, and the wool blend will keep your dog warm while repelling light rain. The inside of the coat is lined with fleece, and it secures around your dog’s neck with a Velcro strap and under their stomach with a hook and loop closure. It’s undeniably stylish, but the downside is that there are limited sizes available. 

L.L.Bean Sweater Fleece Dog Jacket

If you’re looking for a light-duty jacket, this sweater-style outfit is made from a lightweight double-faced fleece — perfect for dogs who just need a little protection from the elements. The design comes in three colors, and it uses Velcro straps to anchor around your dog’s chest and under their stomach. There’s even a little pocket on the back of the jacket in case you want to make your dog carry their own waste baggies.  

Wilderdog Fleece Dog Jacket

This pick from Wilderdog is another lightweight fleece that your pup can wear on outdoor adventures. The quick-drying fabric is ideal if your dog frequently gets dirty and wet, and it has elastic hind-leg loops that can be adjusted, helping to keep the coat in place as your pooch runs around. I particularly like that this jacket clips over your dog’s back, making it easy to take off, and the strap has a fun accent pattern for a little extra flair. 

Perus Pomppa Dog Coat

The Perus Pomppa is another expert-approved pick. It has a waterproof shell and antistatic design that’s beneficial for dogs with long hair, and a thick teddy lining around your dog’s neck will help keep them warm on even the coldest days. Plus, this jacket provides plenty of coverage without restricting your dog’s mobility. “It has no hood, which many dogs find obstructive, but does cover the neck,” says Malawey. “It covers the belly while leaving the armpit area room to breathe, and the back is partially split so the dog’s hind end is more covered while allowing room for the tail.”